Burger King (Midtown West)

Burger King Midtown West


Do you think the Burger King inherited his throne or took it by force? The guy doesn’t look like much of a planner to me, so I’ll have to assume he’s the ne’re-do-well son of some genetically twisted noble. I also wonder if he is merely the king of the home office or if he has dominion over all the franchises around the country as well? These are all the wonderful thoughts that swirled through my head as I sat in this double-decker BK. I’m sure they forgot to take the 20-grams-of-fat mayo off my Chicken Whopper, and I’m sure I got annoyed. I’m sure I thought, as I always do, that I could have gone to a deli and gotten a real chicken breast sandwich on a nice roll for less than I was paying for this pre-cooked rubbery thing that passes for poultry. The funny thing is, this thought always passes quickly as the crack that BK must sprinkle on all their food quickly soaks into my system and I am satiated with BK once more. [MF]