McDonad's Rockefeller Center

McDonald’s (Rockefeller Center)

McDonad's Rockefeller Center[CLOSED]

Eating any kind of fast food outside of road trips or hung-over weekends is generally verboten amongst me and my higher functioning organs. That all goes out the window when Hipster Jr. is involved–especially when I have to bring him to the emergency daycare in Midtown and have very few kid-friendly dining options. I don’t think I’m going to be doing the typical thing and eat a panini at my desk as I answer emails and IMs laced with profanity and complaints. Generally cranky Web people don’t like screeching children interrupting their Adobe Illustrator explorations or conversations about dev cycles and production installs. Most of the joints around Rock Center are take-out places anyway. And the places that aren’t are stuffed with suits and are about as likely to have highchairs as they are land mines. Cut to the only viable option around: McDonald’s. Not only do they have highchairs, but also a sound-muting subterranean location that would depress the hell out of any grown up, but is kinda like eating in Oscar’s trash can–so kid’s will be as happy as can be. I think they’re doing something different with their chicken sandwiches these days, so I didn’t hate it as much as I usually do, but at least they offered oranges with the kid’s meal that my particular kid refused to eat. I guess he has better taste than that. [MF]

1271 Ave of Americas