Belly Delly Deli


All hail the mighty salad bar! No, don’t sneeze on it, hail it! Why do we care so much about the New York City salad bar? We care because without it news broadcasters like Ti-Hua Chang and Roseanne Colletti wouldn’t have any of those exciting “Your next lunch may kill you–find out at 11:00” or “Urine, feces, teeth, just a few things you’ll find in this uptown bodega salad bar–find out if it’s the place where you eat everyday at 11:00” stories they love so much. While the salad bar here looks reasonably clean, I haven’t been able to eat at those things since that creepy Jonathan Dienst guy on NBC reported about some homeless guy that used to like to wipe his poop-filled hands in the iceberg lettuce. Ugh. I stick to the stuff behind glass, mainly the fat-free tuna and possibly a chicken filet. I know the tuna can’t technically be “fat-free,” but I’m the same guy who still believes Fruit Rollups actually contain fruit. [MF]

1625 Broadway