The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” certainly holds true at this midtown sushi establishment. Unfortunately, this place is pretty nice looking on the outside. Then comes the bad part: the food. If this joint was a book, it would be called 100 Tasteless Meals to Bore Your Taste Buds, and if it was a soap opera: The Bland and the Pitiful. We know it is typical for native Japanese speakers to have trouble with their R’s, but that little “r” in broiled makes all the difference, when without it everything becomes boiled. Yum, soggy, tasteless, limp, pale chicken teriyaki. Yuck dudes, get some seasoning and call us back when you learn to cook anything besides rice. Actually, even the uncooked sushi has no taste. It’s as though the Bizarro world has come crashing down on these poor people. . . [MF]

1047 2nd Ave.