Panchito's Mexican Restaurant

Panchito’s Mexican Restaurant

Panchito's Mexican RestaurantJeez, who can remember? We know the place is reeealy long and serves Bohemia and margaritas. We don’t recall the food; maybe we didn’t eat any. The place had a party-like atmosphere, was loud and decorated like the inside of a pinata. We sat at a table we either shared with the people next to us, or the tables were so close we pratically sat on top of them. The girls that were practically sitting in our laps were friendly and drunk. We were friendly and drunk. The King told her to dump her boyfriend, he sounded like a loser. The King was playing Mr. Sensitive Psychiatrist guy. The King ordered another Bohemia and told her that it was time to move on. Needless to say, this was the last stop of the night, and memorable only in that it was such a blur. [MF]

103 Macdougal St.