Yummy Sishi


Is there such a word as “nugglets?” I only ask because that’s what Yummy Sushi’s chicken teriyaki elicited from my skewed sense of culinary crockery. It’s the same word that comes to mind when I see the rabbits on my lawn pause and then gleefully hop away in post-poop pleasure. Serves me right for ordering the ”special” out of the warming tray. I mean, what kind of asshole orders chicken at a place that is so obviously pushing their excellent raw fish? It’s not as if the place calls itself Yummy Poultry or anything (and don’t any of you shitheads even think about it; I went down in the middle of writing this and trademarked the name).despite my foolishness in ordering an obviously inferior dish, I’m going to go ahead and assume their fish isn’t exactly top notch. Would you eat a steak at a place called Scrumdidiliumptious Steaks? (Any of you out there can have that one.) It trivializes the sanctity of raw sea food! Just know that the specials aren’t so special, and Yummy Must mean something else in Suckanese. [MF]

30 Rockefeller Plaza