Sweet Paradise Lounge


It’s kind of like going to drink in Harry Potter’s storage closet under the stairs. Yeah, that’s an accurate description. Now, never having read the books or seen the movies, I’m not sure how they portrayed his world, but having an under-stair closet of my own, I imagine it’s a place carved out of what is essentially negative space (with a slanted door). That’s how Sweet Paradise presents itself. It feels as though things around it were built with a purpose in mind, and in the square footage that somehow slipped through the cracks they formed this homely space with its thin profile and oddly slanting ceiling back by the jukebox. I seem to recall bad paint choices, a sense of cheap drywall and some sketchy Chinese dudes smoking outside. All this aside, the atmosphere wasn’t as horrible as it sounds. There was a decent jukebox and a mellow vibe that felt way more neighborhoody than kiddie destination. Quite honestly, I can’t imagine that any kid would want to come to this strange border ‘hood to drink in utter nothingness. This is certainly one of those empty vessel bars that’s only as fun as the people with which you fill it. Luckily, my night here didn’t depend on ambiance, but rather the company of good peeps. [MF]

14 Orchard St.