Hallo Berlin Express


Sausage, sausage everywhere and not a sub to sink. Vague, obtuse WWII references aside, you can’t argue with a place that essentially serves hot dogs and beer. Of course these aren’t your typical Yankee Stadium, Sabrett kinda things–full of nitrates and rat hairs; they’re semi-authentic German Bratwursts and Knockwursts topped with some sort of oniony, spicy sauce. No matter how you cut it (and no matter your aversion to pork product) the stuff is tasty, especially when you surround it with some German potato salad and a pitcher of beer. This location is a bit different than its sibling to the West, though. The help couldn’t be any less German if they were, well, Indian. And the word help is really being kind, as the service couldn’t be any slower even if there were more than two people ever eating at this tiny joint. [MF]

402 W 51st St.