Mary Ann’s (Upper East Side)


Mary Ann's Upper East Side


It’s always amazing how people flock to mediocre Mexican places, despite the crowds, the so-so food and the cramped accommodations. Our theory is that margaritas make people crazy. It’s just a theory. Mary Ann’s is no exception to the rule. The food is your basic fajita, burrito, enchilada and taco bonanza that is made en mass in a kitchen that has little or no idea what flavoring is all about. The food’s not horrible, just unremarkable. But again, we don’t think that’s what Mexican food in NYC is all about. It’s about a party atmosphere and tequila. To that end Mary Ann’s doesn’t disappoint. UES yuppie hordes pack this place every weekend, often waiting up to an hour and a half for a table (little do some people know the place takes reservations.) Of course, what is there to do while waiting to gorge yourself on shredded chicken and tortilla chips? Drink margaritas, of course. Needless to say, loud, drunken conversation is the norm at the twenty or so tables that keep the Normandy Court crowd happy. The funny thing is, the more you drink the better the food tastes. Irony? No. Just dumb luck. [MF]

1503 2nd Ave.