Ranch 1 Turtle Bay


Ranch 1 chicken joint is one of those chains that really has gained popularity over the past five years or so. Thought to be a healthier alternative to your typical McDonald’s or Burger King kind of place, The Ranch (as we like to call it) has really blossomed as people try to eat better. Our theory is that they lace their chicken with THC or some other habit-forming substance. It’s bizarre, but somehow their chicken tastes better than everyone else’s does. Actually, it doesn’t necessarily taste better, but illicits true cravings for grilled chicken from its many patrons. Don’t ask how they do it, or why they’ve raised their prices significantly since expanding the franchise, but go there and eat the guilt-free fast food that will keep you coming back for more. Oh, and try the fries, which aren’t exactly healthy, but will certainly fill your craving for grease and burned potatoes. [MF]

145 E 52nd St.