Cafe Metro Rock Center

Café Metro (Rock Center)

Cafe Metro Rock Center[CLOSED]

If they had an admiral’s club at lunch places, I would totally be chillin’ right now with a free bag of honey roasted peanuts and a cut-rate vodka and soda. I’m a frequent flyer in the most unhealthy kind of way. Not only am I eating paninis on a daily basis; I’m walking a total of twenty-five feet from the building in which I toil to pick them up. I basically rotate between two sandwiches, both of which claim to be 97% fat free. Which means what exactly? Is that like K-fed being 97% talent free? Does that mean that they both have 3% of whatever it is they’re free of? Wow, can I slaughter an idiom or what? Of course I ate there today. I ate there yesterday. I will not eat there tomorrow–mostly because they are starting to reach for my shit behind the glass case before I even say anything, and that is just plain sad. I–m going to try to swear off this place for like one week and see if I don’t go through turkey siciliano panini withdrawal. I gots to get me some toasted sandwich. [MF]