You’re not going to be blown away. You’re probably not even going to remember what the place is called. Sparta? Spade? Spata? What you will get is decent Italian in a large, two-floor space that isn’t exactly cozy, but somehow welcomes you into its generic-trendy midst. Spada used to be called Ci Vediamo–in fact, there are still matchbooks with the old name on it, and if you look carefully at the awning out front you’ll see the ghost of Ci–and we can’t seem to figure out what the difference is between that old joint and its new incarnation. There are only a few sketchy reasons why businesses change names for no apparent reason. We’re hoping it’s not because of habitual and deplorable health department violations. In any case, if you want solid Italian food and can’t get into one of the better joints around, give it a try. [MF]

1431 3rd Ave.