St. Andrews


If the phrase “if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap” is to be taken seriously, then by the transitive property of geometric theory, this place isn’t crap. Actually, I did very poorly in math in junior high, so you really shouldn’t listen to a thing I say, but we promise you that despite not knowing an acute angle from our elbow, we know that crowds, lots of beer, and potato filled meat pies make for an okay time. St. Andrews is actually a halfway decent choice for an after-work jaunt with a few co-workers or friends. There is food to fit any and every appetite (including the nice aforementioned shepherd’s pie) and enough draft beers to make the beerhounds happy. Unlike a lot of larger Irish/Scottish pubs around midtown, this place won’t depress the hell out of you with sterile surroundings and generic decor. The vague golf theme isn’t exactly our thing, but I suppose it beats the hell out of the boredom theme being sported by most of its brethren. [MF]

120 W 44th St.