Spitzer's Corner

This joint is like a dream–a dream in which you have to wait an hour for a table, but a dream nonetheless. Stocked with more beers on tap than you could possibly ever want, and impossibly open (during nice weather), Spitzer’s (no relation to the pervy governor), and its rough-hewn wood interior, banquet seating and good eats is just an utter delight. Now that I sound like a fruitcake reviewer in Good Housekeeping circa 1976, I’ll continue to extol its virtues. But, first, I must put the caveat out there that I do not wait for tables. I hate that crap. There are way too many great joints in New York City to waste your time milling around to eat what you ultimately could get two doors down. So, why, you ask would I make an exception for this place? Four words: hickory short rib burger. Without even tasting the thing, I knew it would be awesome and worth the wait. My buddy thought the exact same thing about a two-word menu item: Kobe burger. Holy Jesus, how could that be bad? Add to that a ridiculously rich and tasty duck fat potato cake and awesome fries, and my brain (and pleasure center) practically exploded. Did I mention there are lots of fancy beers? And that said fancy beer and duck fat and fries and bbq burger is an absolute amazing combo? The restaurant was just plain fun, the brew plentiful and the food downright perfect. Hoorah. [MF]

101 Rivington St.