We’re not quite sure what the obsession is with New Yorkers and redneck bars, but here is the UWS’ entry. Complete with a jukebox filled with country western music, chicken wire on the walls and old wooden tables, Yogi’s might as well be in a dinky Texas town, or a campus bar at the University of Alabama. Then, of course, we see the vinyl- half-shirt-clad, tongue-pierced bartenders and are reminded of exactly where we are. This cowpoke meets alterna-biker-slut aesthetic seems to have been duplicated at a bunch of bars around the city, so somebody must dig it. After your seventh Bud and fifteenth Clint Black song, anything gets old, as does Yogi’s. We assume this place is named Yogi’s because of the big wooden bear that stands guard outside–a remnant of the old Bear Bar that used to inhabit this same narrow space. [MF]

2156 Broadway