Greenwich Brewing Co.


The thing that generally makes a good bar a good bar is personality. Therefore, Greenwich Brewing’s stunning lack of it should render it one of the least good bars in NYC. Ah, the simple logic of boolean algebra! An odd mixture of tourists and boring locals, this bar drags ’em from every corner of the boring globe. I’m not quite sure exactly what’s wrong with this place, other than the lackluster bartenders, the lame crowd and the bright lighting, but the space seems like it might have good potential if someone came along and cleaned house. If you want to sit and watch an unobstructed Yankee game and drown your sorrows in some okay brewery beer, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a stool at the bar after climbing the few stairs to get to the above-ground-level bar, but you should seriously think twice before strolling into this joint if you even have a pulse. [MF]

418 Sixth Ave. (at 9th St.)