Kolette's Kitchen

This is certainly one of the weirder hybrid joints I’ve ever been to. I mean where else would you find a Glatt Kosher Vietnamese bbq sandwich? And, honestly, after eating here it’s not something I’d ever want to find anywhere else anyway. Haphazard is the name of the game. Scooping the meat out of some random tins and veggies out of the same, they topped it off by throwing a fistful of cilantro on top for some reason. They asked what temperature I’d like it in terms of spiciness, thought the medium heat had about as much spice as the kid’s meal from Denny’s. The pickled veggies were interesting, though there was a very sharp shard of bone in there, along with another piece of bone that certainly would have killed me if I would have bitten down on it. The prep and cleanliness overall was questionable and the sandwich itself was just plain stinky. Overall pretty tasty (even it made my breathe smell like I had eaten roadkill), but the dangerous shards of bone and the sketchiness of the joint itself scared me enough as to make it unpleasant. [MF]

672 Lexington Ave.