Rink Bar

Nothing like a huge corporate event to bring out the charm in a place. Add in the open-air CEO speech about how much ass your company kicks, while being ogled by the adoring public, and multiply that feeling of horrifying embarrassment times ten. Thank god the beers were free. An outside space that takes up what is later in the year the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink, tourists can stand and look down on you cringing through those rah-rah words and ordering your eighth Heineken so you can tell your boss what you really think about SAP. Ah, corporate life in a fishbowl. Never having been here during a normal time, I imagine it’s essentially a personalityless gathering spot whose one great attribute it its outdoor locale. There’s just such a dearth of drinking joints in the area, that this almost makes an intriguing option. Although, if it’s like any of the other outdoor places (Bryant Park, Luna Park), I’m going to skip the scene. There are only so many suit guys, fashionistas and slutty secretaries I can take. Its location most likely draws Gunther Hoffrag and family as well, but foreign tourists are generally no more intrusive than beige. Go for the sun, but leave your expectations at home. [MF]

Rock Center 5th Ave.