Thai Basil


I seem to recall reading an article that essentially said if I eat enough Thai food, I’ll die of a major heart attack by the time I’m 35. The Thai staple, Pad Thai, has something like 50 grams of fat in it. I could eat half a carton of Chubby Hubby and not even ingest that kind of artery-clogging fun. Ugh, why is it that everything good in this world will eventually lead to your demise? Every once in a while I must give in to my aging body and splurge on the carb and fat-heavy lunch that is Thai grub. I’m a big fan of the Pad See Yew and could almost feel the grease stretching the walls of my aorta as I gobbled down Thaid Basil’s lunch special. The meal itself leaves that nice fat film in your mouth that refuses to dissipate despite repetitive pulls on your 20oz. Diet Dr. Pepper. Luckily, it also leaves a satisfying feeling in your stomach that you have achieved something substantial–something worth those extra two miles you’re going to have to jog to keep the love handles at bay for another week. [MF]

860 9th Ave.