The Green’s Vegetarian Restaurant

The Green's Vegetarian

The Green's Vegetarian[CLOSED]The Green's Vegetarian

Imagine yourself at a kosher, vegan, Chinese restaurant. Now, imagine the food having any hint of flavor–‘cuz you ain’t gettin’ it here. It’s amazing how the words soy, gluten and curd taste exactly the way they sound. Ah, hamburger. It sounds meaty and filling. It is meaty and filling. Wheat gluten in a bean curd reduction sauce with goopy soy chunks sounds like something that just crawled out of the primordial ooze. The only food we can recall with less form and discernable texture is sea urchin, which tastes a bit like post-nasal drip. With all the nice little cafes on Montague Street, please skip this depressing, upstairs yuck fest and enjoy something fashioned from a chicken or cow. [MF]