Zipper Factory

For some completely unknown reason this place reminds me of an old timey saloon. There is absolutely no reason why that should be, of course, other than the fact there is a downstairs, where apparently some people can gather, and then an upstairs where, in the Old West, guys used to retire to have there six shooters shined by dusty prostitutes. But instead of Mae West, this joint has beer and couches where after work folks can chill and drink. See, there is no reason for me to equate the two other than it’s really late as I write this and my mind is going all over the place. The other reason is that there is some theater thing attached to this place, and all I can picture is Bugs Bunny pretending–as he often did–to be a showgirl in his bloomers and petticoats and whatever with the lipstick and Yosemite Sam kicking his heels together and wolf-whistling. Now that I’ve gone completely off the rails, let me say that this is a warm, comfortable place for after work, serving a decent spate of good beers, relatively low prices on liquor, nice couches in the upstairs location, soft lighting, and considerate decorations throughout. There are very few good places in this neighborhood to hang out, so one would think this would be jam packed every night. It’s a little misleading from the outside, but step in and see that this crap-ass ‘hood isn’t all bad. [MF]

336 W 37th St.
no phone