Vero Wine Bar Uptown


Vero is a funky little place. Not funky in an East Village kind of way, but funky in an Upper East Side, girls in designer skirts, I’m gonna get trashed on red wine in a very small local joint kind of way. While the young, upwardly-mobile folks sort through the lower and mid-priced wines (on the scale of a twenty-something’s publishing industry salary), they can munch on tasty appetizers from the place’s small, Italian-tinged menu. This is the perfect place for a group of four young ladies to start or end the evening before heading out for a night of woo-woo shots and bartop dancing. Bring a date here and she’ll think you’re classy–or a little too UES for your own good. Wear jeans and a pair of white tennis shoes and they’ll send you over to Mo’s for a glass of Bud Lite and a clue. [MF]

1483 2nd Ave.