Mo's Caribbean


We always found it weird that spring break bars in Mexico and any other tropical locale feel the need to recreate the outside atmosphere inside. In other words: fake palm trees, plastic parrots and shanty-like conditions. Welcome to Mo’s, your horrible nightmare of a spring break experience 5-10 years after the fact. Really, nobody is fooled that he or she has been transported to a warm, tropical, hedonistic paradise. You’re still smack-dab in the middle of the stinky U.E.S. Although on special nights, the air conditioning stops working and you and the 120 other patrons can certainly work up quite a sweat in the bar area that seems to trap heat like a sunburned, four-hundred-pound Swede. Come during the week to play the electronic trivia game against other patrons and drunks across the country, and be sure to order a few of those frozen margaritas out of the slushy machine to help fight off the feeling of faint. [MF]

1454 2nd Ave.