Fresco Tortillas Hell's Kitchen


This place is to the taco what Pizza Hut is to pizza. Pizza Hut serves sweet, doughy stuff that resembles pizza only in the fact the general ingredients are similar. It tastes nothing like anything else on earth. Fresco Tortillas uses chicken and lettuce, shredded cheese and tomato, but the similarity to the taco ends there. None of the requisite Mexican spices are present. The chunks of chicken are cooked in some manner that makes it almost crispy in a charbroiled kind of way. It’s just some weird Mexinese Frankenstein that somehow works in ways it certainly shouldn’t. These guys clearly spared no expense on a decorator, what with the post-modern grease stains, amazing fluorescent lighting schema, 100% vintage Formica and one of the largest period Xerox collections in the Northeast. But while they go all out for their customers, they still manage to keep prices low, service lightening fast and smiles a mile wide. [MF]

536 9th Ave.