Shades of GreenMore like shades of beige. After trying to bring our group of five or so to Revival next door, and being denied seating by the drunken crowd, we strode with little confidence into the horribly named Shades of Green. The first thing we noticed was the discernable hush. Even the crickets had died of boredom. They were also a little horrified by the wood paneling and low, drop ceiling. It also turns out that kelly green is not such a good (or appetizing) color when it comes to interiors. It turns out, though, that hanging out at an empty Irish dive off of Union Square isn’t so bad if you’re with the right people. The help really didn’t have a whole lot to do, so our beers came fast and furious–and we managed to suck ’em down as fast as they could bring them. By the end of the evening, I didn’t give two shits that I was sitting in a lame bar that we only came to because we couldn’t get seats in the place we truly wanted to be. Proving the old adage that beer and a good group makes everything okay. [MF]

125 E 15th St.