Anna Maria


Anna Maria gets a big pat on the back for bringing me right back to my drunken college years. Remember that thin, lifeless pizza that you thought was so wonderful at 2:00 am? Remember biting into it and wondering when the searing pain was going to stop? Then you moved to NYC and realized what pizza can truly be. It can be delicious and master crafted by artisans into something more than a steaming slice of cardboard sprinkled with sawdust shavings and a smattering of Ragu. It can be something other than a carbohydrate to fill that gaping hole in your stomach left by hours of binge drinking. Don’t get us wrong, nostalgia is great, but you won’t see us picking up a sixer of Beast any time soon. Neither will you see us squinting over a slab of Anna Maria’s pie with all the wonderful options in this city. [MF]