AzukiFor some reason the name of this place looks really cool written out. Look at it. There’s something about the way the ‘z’ and ‘k’ set each other off, I think. But maybe it’s just me. If only Azuki’s food were as cool as its name looks. What it does have going for it, tough, is the sheer volume of grub that comes in your plastic and cardboard to-go containers. I ordered the chicken teriyaki lunch bento box, and the thing came with chicken teriyaki, California roll, steamed shrimp dumpling, edamame, miso soup, salad, rice and a Roman bucket into which I’d deposit the first three courses before digging in to the rest of my feast. All this, and for only eight bucks. That kind of scratch buys you like a half of a tuna sandwich in a fly strewn bodega in Manhattan these days, so this thing turns out to be quite a deal. Was I blown away by the food? When was the last time lunch blew you away? And, yes, I know some of you out there have business accounts that allow you to go to fancy pants midtown joints with other dudes in suits. Me, I go to mediocre Japanese restaurants and gorge myself on barely memorable grub that only leaves me feeling extra gross and super sad that I don’t have a corporate card and suit of my own. [MF]

520 8th Ave.