Chimichurri GrillDoes this look like the kind place in which you’d want to drop $22 on an entree? Yeah, me neither. About the size of a postage stamp–and about as interesting–the Chimichurri Grill is a meat-lover’s paradise. Practically everything on the menu has some sort of slaughtered animal in it. Granted, I had an Argentinean friend in high school, and every time I went to his house for dinner, there was usually a dead cow on our plate and something equally unhealthy for dessert. I guess any country that has more bovine creatures than humans is bound to trim the population somehow. I certainly had no intention of dropping too much cash in this joint, so we went there during lunch for a sandwich. Quite honestly, I felt really stupid eating what amounted to a $9 panini off of white linen on 9th Ave., while being served by a real waiter in a tiny, empty restaurant. The chicken sandwich I had was crispy and actually pretty tasty, but it was just a sandwich. I might go back and try the el almargo (grilled skirt steak) “latino” sandwich next time, but will most likely get it to go (and complain about the price the whole time). [MF]

609 9th Ave. (at 43rd St.)