Dallas BBQ (Greenwich Village)


Dallas BBQ Greenwich Village


This particular Dallas BBQ has a weird Friday’s vibe going on. There seems to be an exorbitant number of reflective surfaces, too-bright lighting and a meandering floor plan that gives the place that country fair funhouse feeling. Maybe our waiter screwed things up, but there didn’t seem to be the great honey chicken that I love so much. Well, there was honey chicken, but it wasn’tthee honey chicken. Everything else on the food front seemed to be the same (tasty and cheap), and the drinks were gigantic but weak. There only strange part about the place was their dance club-like bouncer who won’t even let you in the door unless you can explain exactly why you’re there and where you plan to stand/sit. You know the joint has to be good if they need a guy to work crowd control. [MF]

21 University Pl.