Renaissance Diner


I know what you’re thinking: oy, it’s the gay diner! Actually, I have a feeling the folks at this joint just happened to find a store of cheap rainbow flags and decided that they were colorful and would attract folks looking for a cheery eating experience. Since this picture was taken, they’ve gone to a smaller model, but the flair remains. As far as diners go, this one is pretty typical in most regards. They have a menu that’s thicker than Jessica Simpson and decor that was offloaded from the land of reject Chinese restaurant furniture. The food, while certainly not gourmet, is tasty and plentiful. All this is relative, of course, and shouldn’t be taken as anything more than a small endorsement for greasy diner grub that will coat your insides and leave you with that brick-in-your-gut feeling that causes food-coma in three out of four ingestors of average metabolism or less. [MF]

776 9th Ave.