Dublin 6


So, I’ve actually been to Dublin, and let me tell you: this place ain’t no Dublin. Dublin has people, noise and good times; this place has none of that. Maybe they’re judging on a sliding scale. Assume the actual Dublin, Ireland is Dublin 10, while this place rates a lukewarm, one tick above average, Dublin 6. It’s just a theory, and a pretty lame one at that. Speaking of lame… The place was so empty and quiet, Ms. Hipster and I started playing name that tune with the nerdy, Irish dj, who apparently (according to the bartender) just wanted a place to spin his collection of bad 80s records. That actually turned out to be kind of fun, but only because we were drunk, it was raining out and we were too lazy to move on. The bartender and his dj buddy were very pleasant and friendly, and the place wasn’t horrendous despite its strange decor and lack of seating. Coincidently, I’d give it a six. [MF]

575 Hudson St.