Cafe SFA


The perfect place to lunch with the ladies. Any males within a thousand feet of this place are instantly pegged as the sensitive type or the type with a German or French passport. It is amazing that in this day and age a man who wants a salad with walnuts and those little baby oranges in it is considered a pansy. Well, assuming you left your too-short pants and your laceless Pradas at home, this isn’t exactly the kind of place to bring a manly appetite. The $14 soup and half a sandwich “deal” would have trouble filling a large baby, and the somewhat decent fish might as well have starred in Honey I Shrunk the Salmon. It still amazes us that places like this have the balls to slap two stale pieces of white bread around a miniscule amount of tuna and call it a $9 half-sandwich. Add a thimble full of soup and you have the shopping lady’s light lunch. Screw that. Well, at least the basket of bread they give you at your table is good (better than the $5 serving of tea!) [MF]

611 5th Ave. (bet. 51st 52nd St.)