Ruby Foos Upper West Side


Quote most often attributed to patrons: “Style over substance.” Upping the yuppie quotient on the UWS, Ruby Foo’s draws beautiful young couples (many of them as gay as the day is long) who come to munch on a schizophrenic mixture of Asian cuisine and be seen hitting the quick dial on their cell phones. Foo’s can’t seem to decide if it’s Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese, so they just make everything. Yes, you can order California roll, sweet and sour chicken, pad thai and ng ng all from the same menu. Unfortunately, none of it is that remarkable or really very good. Fortunately, you don’t usually care, as you look at the cool, two-floored surroundings, complete with a giant red lacquered wall decorated with Chinese vases, a curved glass sushi kitchen and waitresses hired straight out of the Julliard dance studios. [MF]

2182 Broadway