Flying Burrito Brothers

Flying Burrito Brothers[CLOSED] Became: The Four-Faced Liar

“Uninspired,” say some surveyors. “Undigestable,” say others. Whatever people’s feelings are about the food quality at this Greenwich Village Mexican joint, there is one word that everyone used when describing the portions: “Grande!” Of course, the old adage holds true; bigger is not always better. Luckily for most patrons, this is the kind of place that just calls out to drunks. We mean, what’s more mouth-watering to a lousy drunk than a giant plate of nachos or a burrito the size of a baby’s arm? Again, taste buds don’t come into play as much after they’ve been drowned in tequila or beer for six hours, so this food tastes just wonderful and gives your average sauce-fiend the feeling that he/she got his/her money’s worth. The one complaint registered is the awful rock/metal/industrial music that blares from speakers above the booths in the small space. It’s hard to eat your burrito when your fillings are rattling, and the booming bass kept knocking the salt of the rim of my margarita. [MF]