Food Merchants Rock Center

Food Merchants (Rock Center)

Food Merchants Rock Center[CLOSED]

Sad and vaguely dirty, this joint is less like a restaurant and more like a bomb shelter with sandwiches. Lying somewhere in the winding chasm of the Roc Center underground, I’m comin’ here when WWIII breaks out. Not only will I be safe from whomever is trying to annihilate us, I will have some limp looking paninis to accompany me in my moment of terror. The odd thing is that the stuff here is named exactly the same as it is at Cafe Metro. Is it an act of the worst kind of plagiarism, or a mere coincidence? I mean how common are the names chicken calabrese and turkey siciliano? What ever the case, my panini was a bit of a disaster, but tasted just fine. I just had to search it for roach parts before taking the first bite. [MF]