The Big Easy


We didn’t think it was possible to get more sad than the Dapper Dog–then came The Quiet Man (so silent you could hear a pin drop). In the wake of what was that resounding flop of a bar comes the New Orleans themed car-wreck, Big Easy. Take everything you hate about UES bars, throw in a dash of mismanagement and a whole lot of Jersey, and there you have it–a personalityless bar filled with underage kamikaze-shot drinkers in football jerseys listening to “Who Let the Dogs Out.” We didn’t even mention the awful harlequin masks on the walls that remind us all of our third grade crush’s bedroom circa 1979. We should have known better than to go to a bar whose opening night was an XFL promotion night, complete with “cheerleaders” and plastic signs. We have a feeling the new college grads who seem to run this place will soon be joining their buddy He Hate Me in the unemployment line.