VIP Club

Second only to Scores, VIP packs in bachelor parties and drooling men of all kinds. Unlike Scores, you won’t find any sheiks or celebs hanging out, but you will find your share of half-naked strippers and $12 drinks. The women here tend to be a little more au natural than the ladies of Scores (barely), but are somehow even less interested in you and more standoffish than their comrades in g-strings over at the “sports cabaret.” You figure that $20 a dance might earn you at least a hello or a glance at your face–all they see is your cash. We men are not just pieces of meat! VIP doesn’t seem to have the high-priced champagne room, but the atmosphere in the main room is akin to hanging in your friend’s sunken living room in 1976. Of course, your friends’ folks never had a topless chick named Brandi sticking her 36Ds in your face while you drank their liquor. [MF]

20 W 20th St.