Lemongrass Grill (Union Square)

Lemongrass Grill


Sometimes you don’t want to stretch your taste buds. Challenging food is difficult on a regular basis, so you reach for the old standby–the place that has consistently decent food that neither excites nor bores you to death. Lemongrass Grill isn’t going to knock your socks off. Lemongrass Grill isn’t going to change your opinion about Thai food. Lemongrass Grill will, on the other hand, quickly deliver hot pad thai noodles and decent spring rolls to your office for not much money and a minimum of hassle. For some reason Asian food restaurants have this obsession with the lunch special–and this joint is no different–so drop in during the noon hour to get yourself some grub at rock bottom prices. [MF]

80 University Pl.