Go! Go! Curry!This place is like a wacky arcade with a Hideki Matsui (#55) obsession. As if the three exclamation points in the name weren’t clue enough, this joint is just plain manic. I’m not even sure what’s up with the gorilla on the awning, but then again nothing about Japanese culture makes a whole lot of sense to me. The food itself was a little bizarre as well, as my meal was made up of a lightly breaded chicken cutlet (not heavy, but nice and light) in a very heavy curry gravy (complete with swine bits). The taste was familiar and not all at the same time. I suppose there was some curry in there, along with the pork aftertaste that both intrigued and disgusted me. It honestly tasted a bit like that Thanksgiving gravy mixed with a little bit of mole. All this sat on top of a whole mess of sticky white rice, forming a kind of sweet paste. I know this sounds absolutely horrendous, but it’s tasty in the repulsive way one of those seven layer dips at your buddy’s Superbowl party might be. Continuing their weird Matsui theme, the dishes are sized like hits: single, double, triple, etc. The only difference, I believe, is the amount of rice and sauce you get. I ordered a single, and it was entirely too much food. Pretty interesting stuff, and way different for a fast-food joint. [MF]

273 W 38th St. (at 8th Ave.)