Docks Oyster Bar – East Side

Dock East SideDocks is one of those places that feels as though it was just built to pack in crowds. The midtown restaurant is gigantic, and basically caters to the suit and family out to celebrate dad’s promotion crowd. Singles sit around the bar trading witty banter about tech stocks, and kids drop the occasional crab claw on the floor. It’s almost the equivalent of being served in an airport hangar by a group of humanoid waiters who just want to serve you and get you out so somebody else can have your table. The food is pretty basic American seafood. The soft-shell crab was dry and prepared without any taste or pinnace. Everything is very functional and very midtown. Sometimes big restaurants make it feel as though your food was prepared on a conveyor belt by some space age Jetsons robot. It’s fish, it’s pretty good, it’s Docks. [MF]

633 3rd Ave. (bet. 40th & 41st St.)