Rosa Mexicano First Avenue


You know us here at TPKBAGS (that’s Mr. Hipster’s Booze & Grub Survey). We love the Mexican food. We grew up with it. We cherish it and hold it close to our hearts. It reminds us of home, and brings a smile to our drunken, tequila-filled faces. This isn’t what Mexican food is supposed to be. It’s an abomination. It’s sacrilege. It’s like going on a road trip and stopping at a rest stop to eat filet mignon burgers with truffles and gruyère cheese instead of that Quarter Pounder that is the staple of rest stop fare. Gourmet Mexican is one of those things I thought I’d never hear, but my nightmare has come true. Despite my aversion to paying serious cash for Mexican, I was excited to try this place. The first thing people talk about is the guacamole. Maybe I was spoiled as a child by our amazing guacamole, but I always seem to find the restaurant stuff a little bland–including Rosa Mexicano’s. Again, I was treated to the best mole poblano sauce (with just a hint of tamarind) while we were down in Zihuatanejo last year, and Rosa’s paled in comparison. I must say, I was disappointed. They also sat us in the bar area, where we were jostled by your typical UES jackasses, and fought to hear each other over the cell phone toting yuppies waiting at the bar. Don’t get me wrong, the meal was decent, and the surroundings were cool (if you can get a table somewhere outside of shithead range), but I just hate when I get all psyched to eat some place and it doesn’t deliver. [MF]

1063 1st Ave.