We can only assume this joint is supposed to resemble a hunting lodge or something, but instead it reminds us more of a geriatric, Irish-ish bar on the Upper East Side. We’re not saying that wall-to-wall bluehairs is necessarily a bad thing, but the toothless chomping can be a little off-putting, if you know what we’re saying. Maybe they feel cozy swaddled in wood and flanked by a fireplace. Maybe it reminds them of the days before electricity. We’re not sure, but it’s not as if the younger crowd that is there is going to drag them kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. Coming to this place for anything other than a hearty, American meal (burgers, french onion soup, fried calamari, etc.) is only going to lead to disappointment. It’s nice the older folks have somewhere to go that doesn’t have to be hip or fun or living. [MF]

1387 3rd Ave.