Miracle Grill (East Village)


Miracle Grill East


This place rocks! Now that I have my teeny-bopper, girl-with-a-guitar exclamation out of the way, I’ll explain to you exactly why it is that Miracle Grill kicks so much ass (there I go again). You have the combined elements of a big garden space, margaritas and Southwestern/Mexican food. Mix in friendly service, a good locale and decent prices, and you have a serious winner. The food itself is an interesting twist on your ordinary Southwestern grub, with super-fancy nachos cooked in a crock-like thing and quesadillas filled with water fowl and goat secretion (it’s better than it sounds). If Mr. Hipster were still in dating mode, he would certainly show his hip, fun side and bring some funky chick here, get her sauced on margaritas and marry her in Vegas that night. Yes, it’s that good! [MF]

112 1st Ave.