Richter's Bar


Never the first place you’d head at the beginning of the night, Richter’s makes for a lot of fun at 4 AM when other, less adventurous UES bars have shut down and sent their help home. We don’t know much about this place, except it seems owner-run, there are a lot of drunks still hanging out at 4:30, and this Richter guy has no qualms about skirting the liquor laws. This was an actual piece of monologue from an average night at Richter’s, “Sorry boys, it’s 4:15, I can’t serve you… but if you put a couple bucks on the bar, I’ll give you two beers.” What a gentleman. Customers even report the occasional after-hours flashing-of-boobs incident. We don’t know who this Richter guy is (we assume it’s not the ex-goalie from the Rangers), but we’d like to congratulate him on having the balls to fight the Guiliani anti-fun machine. [MF]

1608 3rd Ave.