It’s always nice to have a neighborhood place that serves rotisserie chicken and sides. I grew up in LA surrounded by places like El Pollo Loco, California Chicken Cafe, Koo Koo Roo, and a bunch of others that are probably gone at this point. They served healthy, rotisserie chicken and either pita bread or tortillas to stuff it in, with some potato, pasta or veggie sides. While Roosters isn’t even close to as good or healthy as the good old CCC (Roosters seems to induce heart burn in two out three people surveyed), it does provide the neighborhood with a nice, inexpensive fast food alternative that has gone missing since Kenny Rogers up and abandoned his Roasters. Now somebody needs to take the CA Chicken Cafe formula and run with it. I guarantee a place like that would make enough dough that it would replace pizza as the businessman-in-a-rush lunch of choice. [MF]

1614 3rd Ave.