NiagraNow here’s a no-nonsense bar. It’s not a dive. It’s not a lounge. It’s not packed with beautiful people. It’s not packed with drooling frat slobs or polyester East Village sideways-glancers. In fact, it’s just not that packed with any one group in particular. This is amazing considering its location smack dab in the middle of the trendiest of trendy East Village spots. Maybe Mr. Hipster discovered this place ten years too late, but to hell with the early-comers–they’re all just a bunch of whiners anyway. The mood in the psuedo-40’s chrome and neon decorated space can swing from mellow to a touch raucous, depending on what kind of group is standing next to you at the time, and what level of intoxication they’ve achieved. Great indie music, punk and some older alternative stuff pumps out of the speakers. Nothing like a night of The Clash, The Cure and Pavement. Unfortunately, the central location brings in a few curious kiddies, but they soon realize that they aren’t going to see any f’n Powerpuff Girls in this joint and they beat a retreat somewhere more pink. Apparently there’s some sort of tiki lounge downstairs. We didn’t see it, but that could be quite freakish. [MF]

112 Avenue A