Pam Real Thai

Beware of the frauds out there, this is the real thing–or so they’d have you believe. If nasty menus covered in slop and cigarette holes makes this “real” Thai, then they’ve convinced me. If Pamela is a Thai name, then I’m sold. If this place served anything else but the same Thai food that everyone else in the neighborhood serves, then I’d be here every day. As it turns out, Pam Real Thai is merely typical, Americanized Thai food that happens to be cheap between 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM. So, if you can overcome the high depression factor in the shabby chic (without the chic) dining room, and the slow-ass, crappy service, then maybe you can fill up on a pile of “real” pad Thai on your lunch break and walk away with the great feeling of authenticity we all carried with us throughout the rest of the week. [MF]

404 W 49th St.