Subway (Midtown West 2)

Subway Midtown West

Subway Midtown WestI’ve never taken a tally, but I’d be willing to bet there is one Subway for every eight people in New York City. That means that on any given day-if at least one person goes to each location-there are at least one million people or so on the island of Manhattan who are guaranteed to be completely bored by their lunch. I used to think this place was okay, but I’m really starting to realize that for the same price I could go to my corner deli and get fresh turkey piles high on rye bread with honey mustard and my choice of cheese, instead of the three folded, cold slimy pieces of processed garbage they claim once gobbled and pecked some farm somewhere. That aside, this location demonstrates the cold, calculating accuracy of the fast food sandwich assembly line (after stealing the manager from another Subway up the street) and never forgets to offer you the combo meal. Actually, we did notice that their chip selection was inferior to those other franchises in the neighborhood. And, unless you don’t mind bundling up like Nanuk, forget about eating in, as they keep their dining area so freezing, you’d figure they had the bioengineered pigcathorse from which they make the famous Subway BMT hanging on a hook back there. [MF]

214 W 50th St.