Burger Heaven 54th & Madison

Burger Heaven – 54th & Madison

Burger Heaven 54th & Madison[CLOSED]

I recall eating a takeout burger from Burger Heaven way back in ’95 when I moved to NYC. My recollection is that it was dry, dense and relatively unappetizing. What a difference 15 years makes! I’ve moved on from randomly eating red meat on weekdays (as my metabolism started to wheez a bit rounding the corner of 32 or so), but I will eat the heck out of a turkey burger. And that’s just what I did. Not quite heaven, but certainly not the other place either, I’d say I was riding nicely at about 30,000 feet on a cloud of pleasantly cooked and prepared fowl. While the restaurant and menu resemble a decidedly meat-heavy diner, but more expensive, they do a good job of avoiding the samey tasting hole that most diners fall into. It seems they actually thought through and tasted their turkey burger before deciding upon a recipe. Bravo! [MF]