Scruffy Duffy's

[CLOSED] at this location

Addendum [hey, things change]
Okay, we admit that our original impression of this joint was slightly skewed by the time of day and day of the week. Generally drinking on Saturday afternoons draws the dregs of society (but better than any other afternoon, I suppose). In any case, this place is apparently the 8th Avenue bar of choice every other night of the week, as tons of youngins pack the place to pay too much for beers and maybe catch a look from an adoring female. The skinny set up allows for all sorts of accidental touching (if you’re into that kind of thing) and makes it difficult to bring that bulky laptop bag along for the ride. Despite the crush, the crowd is generally genial, professional and looking to score a love connection or inside tips about working advertising accounts. The bartenders are actually pretty decent at recognizing thirsty patrons and leaning out over the masses with a steady hand and a cold beer. Sorry, Mr. Duffy, for the original slight. [MF]

Original Review
Smack dab in the middle of the porn district lies this strangely out of place sports bar. It is always nice to find a place that serves cold beer, has tons of screens on which to watch your favorite team, and is in such close proximity to ten dildo and S&M stores. Despite the less than desirable surroundings, Scruffy’s is a pretty decent sports establishment, with decent prices, and even a fair amount of mulleted men in tight jeans and white puffy sneakers (just the kind of crowd you want to watch a Giants game with). Just beware of that overly friendly Metrostars fan at the bar, (s)he may only like your for your $20 or $40, depending on which orifice you want to ravage. [MF]

743 8th Ave.